Walk-In Clinic | Patient Convenience

Many patients that require immediate medical services may not be entirely sure about all of their healthcare options nearby. Sometimes, patients may feel like they have to wait for their main medical provider to take out a chunk of time for an appointment. 

Whenever patients require immediate, but non-emergency, medical services they can always visit AFC Urgent Care Allen to get instant treatment at our urgent care center. 

Many patients aren’t sure how a walk-in clinic works and what the type of healthcare walk-in clinics provide for their patients: 

Walk-In Clinics don’t require an appointment: simply visit AFC Urgent Care Allen to get care 


The basic definition of a walk-in clinic is any medical provider that accepts patients on a walk-in basis without the need for a medical appointment. Unlike other types of medical providers walk-in clinics don’t make a patient wait in order to get care. Instead, walk-in clinics provide care at a first-come/first-serve basis so patients get care based on the order they appear. 

However, most walk-in clinics can administer acute medical care in a few minutes and get patients situated as soon as possible. The average wait time at a walk-in clinic or urgent care center is approximately 15 minutes for a variety of medical services. 

What patients may not fully comprehend is that walk-in clinics provide a lot of the same medical services as other traditional medical facilities. 

The services at walk-in clinics provide high-quality healthcare for all patients 

What most patients don’t know is that the medical services provided at a walk-in clinic are very similar to services provided in an emergency room (ER) and hospital. While walk-in clinics aren’t made to fully address medical emergencies, they can provide a variety of critical healthcare services including: 
  • Injury treatment for bone breaks, fractures, and similar acute injuries 
  • X-rays and imaging services 
  • STD testing and lab testing (blood work) 
  • DOT Physicals and Pre-Employment Physicals 
  • Sport and Camp Physicals
  • Seasonal Allergy Treatment 

For patients located in Allen, Lucas, McKinney, or Plainview, Texas: AFC Urgent Care Allen is your walk-in clinic stop for immediate urgent care services. Visit us directly at 325 Central Expressway South in Allen, Texas or use the buttons below to call us or get directions!