Lab Testing

Some medical appointments like lab or blood testing can’t wait.

Whether it’s a busy schedule at the family doctor, or a situation that would not call for an emergency room visit, urgent care can help provide fast and high-quality service to those in need. Fortunately for patients, lab samples and blood work fall under critical services provided by an urgent care center.

The process of getting blood tested or samples taken can be a bit stressful. In fact, many patients put it off out of anxiety or fear, even at a doctor’s orders. Likewise, the time it takes to get to the doctor’s on a lunch break or after the work day can make it tough and less enticing to make an appointment.

 Need fast lab testing? Try AFC Urgent Care Allen’s Walk-In Clinc!

Take those concerns out of the picture with AFC Urgent Care Allen. Our urgent care staff and walk-in clinic is always ready to treat the needs you bring through the door. Our team of board-certified providers and urgent care providers are knowledgeable and welcoming to ensure a positive experience for every single visit.

Too many people in the waiting room at your primary physician? Or, maybe your primary care doctor just is not making you feel totally comfortable and trust-worthy. Whatever is keeping you from the doctor, don’t concern yourself with those worries by visiting urgent care. The emergency room may be fast, but it does not necessarily cater to non-threatening concerns and procedures.

Getting blood drawn or taking lab tests is a perfect reason to stop into urgent care.

A medical lab visit does not have to be a dreadful experience. In fact, our staff and medical professionals ensure great care and technology for everything you may need. If it’s blood testing, exam results, a quick check for strep, or even just a curiosity about something that feels “off”, stop into urgent care today to will the worries away and stay healthy.

Medical care with a quality that leaves you carefree and confident. That’s why we’re here. Call us directly if you have any more questions or use the map below for immediate directions: