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AFC Urgent Care Allen is temporarily closed and will provide immediate updates on re-openings as soon as possible. If you need COVID-19 testing, visit our sister location at AFC Urgent Care Southlake.

Board-Certified Physician Urgent Care

At AFC Urgent Care Allen, we’re here to give our patients the best quality urgent care around. That is why we’re proud to staff our facility with board-certified physicians to address your most pressing urgent care needs.

Our patients are our priority at AFC Allen so we want to make sure that the best of the best medical staff are available to provide patient-focused care any day of the week.

What is a board-certified physician?


A board-certified physician is a medical professional that has earned their official certification from the American Board of Family Physicians (ABFM). Medical professionals usually get their certificate from the ABFM since it is one of the largest professional medical organizations in the U.S. Rigorous exams involving both patient experience and clinical care exceptionalism are necessary in order for doctors to receive their certification.

A list of some of the requirements for board-certified physicians include:

  • Practice-based learning and experience
  • Patient care and procedural skills
  • Medical knowledge and clinical expertise
  • Interpersonal skills, bedside manner, and patient communication mastery
  • Professionalism and ethical responsibility

An ABFM-certified urgent care provider means that any of your urgent care needs including minor injuries, lab testing, STD screenings, and seasonal vaccinations are completed with industry-best medical service.

Patients that need urgent care should not hesitate to contact AFC Urgent Care Allen. We’re located at 325 Central Expressway S in Allen, Texas for easy access. In addition, you’ll never need an appointment since we provide service for patients daily via our walk-in clinic.