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Does Your Child Need a Sports Physical This Winter?

Parents have a long list of things that their child needs and as each season passes, the list only seems to grow. For parents of children who play sports, that list is even longer still! When you think of children playing sports you probably think of warmer weather, but there are plenty of winter sports for your child to play too.

Not only are they fun, but they keep your child from becoming sedentary in the cold weather. If your child is signed up for a winter sport you’re probably wondering; do they really need a sports physical? 

Why Are Sports Physicals Important? 

Sports physicals are the best way to keep your child safe as they enter into sports. A sports physical addresses their current health status to address any concerns you have.

You can get prescription refills, ask questions, and let your child ask any they have too! The physician also takes into consideration what the sport at hand will require your child to do, and then checks to make sure your child can do those things without injuring themselves. 

What If Your Child Had a Summer Sports Physical?

Even if your child has had a sports physical for recent warmer seasons, they still need a winter sports physical. This is because children grow and change quickly, new health conditions can appear at any time. Some medical conditions get worse in cold weather too, such as asthma.Winter sports also may require a different type of physical activity that the previous physical didn’t account for. 

Where to Get a Winter Sports Physical 

If your child is in need of a winter sports physical, your local urgent care center is the place to go. Urgent care centers provide sports physicals that are just the same as any other healthcare provider, but they’re able to do it for a fraction of the cost! In addition to lower costs, urgent care centers are the solution for parents with busy schedules.

Most urgent care centers are open early and stay open late, with some even operating 24/7. That means you can bring your child in for their sports physical whenever it’s convenient for you, unlike a traditional doctor’s office that stops seeing patients at 5 or 6 in the evening. 

For questions or to learn more about getting your child a winter sports physical, call or stop in today at our Allen urgent care center!