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Do Flu Shots Still Work in the Winter Time?

The peak season to get flu shots runs from August through the end of October, but some patients still struggle to get their flu shot in time. In addition, most patients may think that it is too late to get their updated flu shot in the late fall or early wintertime. Below, we put together all of the facts you need to know about flu shots during the winter so you still lower your risk of getting the flu this season!

Flu Shots Are Still Effective in late fall/early winter

In fact, flu shots are still effective during the winter time. Healthcare experts will always recommend to get your flu shot as soon as possible, even in later months. Just because you’ve missed that ideal window of early fall doesn’t mean you should stay unprotected through the rest of flu season.

Flu season goes until the end of February or March each year. That means there’s still plenty of time for you to catch the flu if you aren’t vaccinated! 

The Flu Can Increase at Any Time 

Although peak flu season should have already passed, it can spike within specific communities. There have been multiple years where there’s a sudden increase in the number of flu cases during February.

In fact, some people that vaccinate early are even told by their doctor to get a second vaccination to protect against that potential peak. There are little to no symptoms associated with the flu shot, so there’s no reason not to get vaccinated! 

Where to Get Vaccinated – Try Urgent Care

Flu vaccines are available at little to no cost to you through any urgent care center or walk-in clinic. Most major insurance companies pay for the shot in full. Even if you don’t have insurance, walk-in clinics and urgent care centers are able to provide the shot at a very affordable price. You can also visit a local pharmacy or primary care physician to receive your shot, although their supply may be low this late in the season.

Getting vaccinated at one of those locations also comes with the challenge of working around their very limited schedule, whereas an urgent care is designed with your flexible scheduling needs in mind. 

Stop in your local urgent care center or walk-in clinic today to receive your flu vaccine! Don’t spend another day leaving yourself and everyone around you vulnerable to the flu. The last thing you want is to miss out on a family holiday because you’re at home sick with the flu!