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Who Needs a Flu Shot This Season?

Each year, the influenza virus spreads across several communities and infects nearly 40 million people annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control. However, the flu is one of the most preventable illnesses for a majority of patients.

Effective flu prevention methods such as routine hand washing, personal hygiene, and avoiding public spaces with infected patients are attainable for most patients. But a seasonal flu shot is the best way to prevent the influenza virus each season.

Each year, the flu virus adapts and changes in order to infect a large majority of adults and children alike. A new vaccine is created annually to fight off the latest flu virus, which can boost a patient’s immunity between 40 to 50% each flu season.

Some patients may not get the flu vaccine because of skepticism about the vaccine, or because of negligence. The flu vaccine is one of the safest ways to prevent the virus and is recommended for all patients above the age of six months.

So who needs the flu vaccine? The short answer is almost everyone, but some groups may need more types of intervention than others. Unless a patient has an extreme circumstance, such as a unique allergy or medical vulnerability, then they will need a flu shot.

Children above the ages of six months

Parents with younger children should ensure that their child receives an updated flu shot each year, since children are more at risk for the flu than other groups.

Because a majority of children 18 and under are in densely populated schools or educational settings, they will be more prone to the flu. Flu viruses travel best whenever there are a lot of patients indoors. The virus can spread through airborne and direct contact at a faster rate in places such as schools.

Make sure your child gets the updated vaccine, based on recommendations from your main medical providers!

Adults, especially that work indoors, need flu shots

Adults are disproportionately unvaccinated for the flu than children, which creates an unhealthy trend of flu outbreaks in local communities. Adults that work indoors and in offices are more likely to need the flu shot.

Contrary to popular belief, a flu virus is more likely to spread indoors in arid fall conditions instead of the outdoors. Again, the flu virus is likely to spread as more people are densely populated within interior spaces.

Many adults forgo the flu vaccine, but that may impede their overall health and happiness! Why risk getting sick for weeks when a simple flu shot can help prevent the virus outright?

Patients that visit AFC Urgent Care Allen for a flu shot can get a fast, affordable, and convenient vaccination whenever they it. If you have any additional questions about vaccines, please call us directly at 469.640.4232!