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Where am I most likely to get the flu? Where is the flu virus most common?

As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, the influenza virus can cause flu-related illnesses and other health consequences for millions of people annually. Proactive prevention of the disease and ensuring that you stay vaccinated, hygienic, and cautious can lower your chances of getting the virus.

A big part of preventing the flu virus is knowing how, and where, the flu virus is likely to spread. Certain publicly shared spaces and environments have a greater chance of increased flu activity versus staying outdoors for prolonged periods of time. This is because the flu passes from host to host more rapidly when people are inside contained spaces. The flu is more likely to pass through direct contact, such as touching hands with an infected patient, or through airborne transmission.

So what are some places where flu activity is increased?

Elementary and secondary schools are more likely to experience increased flu activity than other academic institutions

Younger children between the ages of 6-12 usually have the highest incidences of flu activity and infection than other schools. Children that are just starting out in school are starting to learn basic hygiene and prevention skills, which means that some children may not be fully aware that they’re spreading the flu virus or how to prevent it.

Teachers, school staff, and school nurses do their best to teach children how to stay healthy and safe during flu season. This may include special assemblies to address flu safety, but that sometimes isn’t enough to prevent the flu.

Additionally, middle and high schools are also likely to see upticks in flu activity since the close proximity of several students can quickly cause a flu outbreak.

Workplaces are also a hotbed for flu activity if employees don’t call out sick

An office setting or a workplace can also breed flu epidemics and outbreaks if employees don’t stay at home with the flu.

Many employees may feel obligated to continue working even though they show signs of having the flu [link]. When this happens, the flu can travel across desks, countertops, and from direct peer-to-peer interactions.

The flu is attributed to massive setbacks in production and workforce participation since many employees may not be sure if the flu is going around at their office.

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