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What are some of benefits of an early flu shot?

Patients every season will need an updated flu shot in order to protect against the influenza virus each season. Without the flu shot, patients are likely to experience a variety of debilitating symptoms including sneezing, coughing, congestion, fever, nausea, and significant fatigue.

That is why every patients should get a flu shot at a walk-in clinic in order to ensure they are protected each season from the flu virus. But what are some of the benefits of an early flu shot for patients?

A few of the benefits include getting immunity to the vaccine before the flu shot takes full effect. However, there are a range of other convenience and personal benefits of getting the flu shot ASAP.

An early flu shot allows your body to develop immunity before flu season peaks

Did you know that it takes approximately two weeks in order for the flu shot to help you build immunity. Once you get your flu shot it takes your body a couple of weeks in order to build up the right level of immunity.

By getting the flu shot early, you can help your immune system get a kick start on protecting yourself from the latest strain of influenza.

Skip the mid-October wait for a flu shot!

During the peak of flu season, wait times for a flu shot are likely to increase as more and more patients require an updated vaccination. To skip any lines or waits it helps to get an updated flu shot as soon as possible!

By going early, not only does your body develop immunity but you won’t have to plan any major updates in order to schedule your flu shot. Even though a walk-in clinic provides flu shots in just a few minutes, it helps to try and jump a possible wait by going early!

Give yourself peace of mind this flu season!

Easily the most appealing benefit of an early flu shot is that patients can rest easy knowing that their daily routine is not interrupted during the fall. As football season and other fall activities roll around, you don’t want to get sidelined by a nasty bout of the flu.

Patients that get their shot early can help to get their immune system ready for a flu-free fall! If you need to find a local walk-in clinic for flu shots make sure you consider AFC Urgent Care Allen for your vaccine needs!