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Early Flu Season Prevention Tips for the Family

Each year, the flu impacts millions of individuals causing hospitalizations, flu-related illnesses, and several days of missed commitments. Did you know that nearly 40 million people experience a flu infection each year and miss between 1-2 weeks of school, work, or vacation time?

The flu virus quickly infects communities of all sizes, especially so during the peak of flu season. Flu season in some communities can start as early as mid-September/October and go as late as the middle of spring.

However, the good news for families of all sizes is that flu season and general flu prevention are easy ways to avoid getting sick this fall and winter.

Practice good hygiene throughout the year

Good hygiene is one of the best ways to ensure that your or your children don’t get sick during the peak of flu season. Simple hygiene helps to lower the change that the flu virus transfers from one patient to another.

A few hygiene tips that help to curb the flu include:

  • Frequent hand washing: Hand washing is one of the best methods to ensure that you are flu-free and that you reduce your change of infection. Wash your hands multiple times a day and after touching public surfaces, like tables or hand railings.
  • Clean Household Surfaces: By frequently cleaning household surfaces, you’re likely to reduce germs and the spread of influenza in your home. Disinfectants and counter-top cleaners are a good start in keeping your household flu free.
  • Carry hygiene supplies on your person at all times: During flu season, it is important to always make sure that you are ready to keep your hands clean and avoid spreading or contacting those with the flu. Carry hand sanitizer, tissues, napkins, and other hygiene products when out and about.

Get your flu shot ASAP! Visit Urgent Care for a fast and reliable flu shot!

A flu shot is the best way to help prevent against the latest influenza strain and ensures that you and your family won’t get sick during flu season.

Patients will need the flu shot each year since the flu virus adapts and changes annually. A new vaccine is manufactured in order to protect patients against the latest influenza strain. Simply visit a nearby urgent care center in order to get your flu shot.

Additionally, you may have heard some rumors about the safety of the flu shot and whether or not it can get you sick. Patients must understand that a flu shot does not make patients sick and is a safe way to protect against the diseases.

If you have any questions about flu shots right in Allen, TX, please contact AFC Urgent Care immediately! We are happy to help!