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When should patients get the flu shot?

Patients over the age of six months will likely need an updated flu shot for flu season in order to protect against the illness.

Each fall, flu season begins to peak which means that patients will need to get an updated flu shot to protect against the disease. However, many patients may still be unsure about the benefits of the flu shot, why it can help protect against flu-related illnesses, and other life benefits of the annual vaccine.

Below is a handy-guide for anyone that needs a reminder on why the flu is an effective way to prevent against disease. You won’t worry about flu and related diseases in just a short medical appointment at a local urgent care center.

A flu shot helps protect patients throughout flu season in a simple visit

A flu shot or flu vaccine is needed each flu season to protect against updated strains of influenza. Even though patients need it every year, the process of getting a vaccine is fairly straightforward.

Influenza adapts and changes every year, which means that a new vaccine must be manufactured every year. But most urgent care centers and local walk-in clinics provide the flu vaccine right before flu season. They also continue to offer the vaccine throughout the fall and winter. Patients simply need to visit their closet clinic to get the vaccine in a few minutes.

Flu shots are important to help reduce delays in work and school, etc.

Did you know that millions of hours of lost productivity and several school days are missed each year because of the flu? The best way to avoid delays in your school days, work days, and even vacation days is to get the flu shot.

With the flu shot, you’re less likely to contract the disease from co-workers, classmates, and others during the peak of flu season. Even as flu rates increase your body has the natural immunity to fight off against common infections and other flu-like illnesses.

A flu shot helps the most vulnerable patients get the care they need.

Patients that are over 65 years old, under two years of age, and have respiratory illnesses may experience life-threatening health consequences from the flu.

This particular subset of patients are likely to be hospitalized or worse from the flu as respiratory illnesses, weakened immune systems from older age, and vulnerable immune systems in infants are easier for the flu to infect. If you have a family member that meets these criteria, please get them a flu shot ASAP!