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How to Stay Safe during Summertime!

Happy Summer from AFC Urgent Care Allen. This could be the most festive yet as beach days, fireworks, outdoor grilling, and other exciting events during the holiday! However, if you want to safely celebrate this summer by taking these safety tips to mind! Summertime should be one of celebration but sometimes unexpected risks can happen during the day. So what can you do to ensure that your summer and sunny days go off without a hinge? The first thing to do is to look over these summer safety precautions while the second is visiting AFC Urgent Care in Allen, Texas for any immediate medical needs.

Avoid grilling injuries with a little bit of precaution

Grilling injuries are extremely common as the family gets together to begin the annual cookout and enjoy the summer air! But sometimes, grilling injuries happen suddenly if you’re not careful. Always be alert when grilling and make sure that the grill is in a steady and safe location. Alertness is key to avoid burning your hands or arm on a hot grill as it starts up. Additionally, double check the amount of charcoal and lighter fluid you’re using on certain grills. If you use too much lighter fluid or charcoal you may start an unexpected fire and experience a potential burn. Wear safe clothing, bring the proper utensils, and keep an emergency kit to combat a possible fire from your grill. These simple yet effective precautions can help lower any grilling risks or injuries.

Cook food all the way through and properly store food

Food poisoning is more likely to affect patients during the summer as warmer temperatures allow bugs, bacteria, and infectious agents to thrive on food. The best way to reduce food poisoning is to properly refrigerate food products, fully cook food, and avoid eating food that has been left outside for long periods. Many people may not realize that above a certain temperature food products begin to attract microbial and insects, which can contaminate food. As always check any prepared food at a restaurant or elsewhere once it is served.

Beat the heat with sunscreen and plenty of water!

Water and sun-safety is key during any outdoor activities during the summertime. Make sure that you always have at least SPF 30 sunscreen on you at all times. Some sunscreens go above SPF 30, but the maximum protection that skin gets from the sun is at the SPF 30 threshold. Pick a sunscreen that is sweat or water-resistant, based on your current activities. Dehydration is also a significant safety risk during the summertime. Make sure that you have access to water at all times! In the event that you experience any acute illness, injuries, or discomfort this summer please visit AFC Urgent Care Allen for immediate care!