Stroke Prevention 101

One of the major threats posed to the lives of adults is stroke. A widely common risk, stroke is also largely misunderstood. A product of a lapse in brain activity, a stroke can be prevented in many different ways. As adults reach older ages, stroke becomes more and more present in the risks of daily life.

Even if family history says strokes are likely, there are plenty of ways to reverse the things that may be contributing to their threat. Here are some ways to begin preventing stroke today, and be certain: these are things every adult should be doing not just those in old age.

Tips for Preventing Stroke

There are a lot of aspects to stroke that are a bit out of the individual’s control. That being said, a great step to take before adding in preventative measures to a daily routine and health plan is to research family history. 

By doing this, genetic risks are on the table, and can be considered when taking steps to prevent stroke. After understanding the familial influence of stroke in an individual’s level of risk, it helps to keep these preventative measures in mind.

Keep Weight in Check

It’s not always fair to say that everyone needs to be a certain weight to avoid health issues. Between genetics and height, weight varies between each and every patient. A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or less is the ideal place to be to avoid the threat of stroke. That being said, it may not be possible for an individual’s situation. That does not mean the threat of stroke is imminent. Speak with a doctor to figure out the perfect to be for each unique person’s individual.

Increase Low to Moderate Exercise

Keeping stroke away does not have to be some sweat draining experience of constant, high intensity workouts. Something as simple as a 20 minute walk after work or on a lunch break can greatly help reduce the risk of stroke. In fact, even low intensity exercise three to four times a day can make a huge difference. The key to exercise is less about how hard the workout is and more the general movement. The old adage is always “a 5 minute walk is 5 minutes more than doing nothing.” A little change to the daily routine can really make all the difference in preventing stroke.

Drink in Moderation

Alcohol does not need to be completely cut out of daily intake to avoid increased risk of stroke. In fact, a glass of red wine twice a week can actually do great things for the brain and heart. If a beer or mixed drink sounds better, just try to keep in mind portion sizes. A 12 oz beer is standard, as is a 1.5oz glass of liquor mixed into soda. Anything more than that is a bit too much for the body to process in bulk.

Stroke Prevention Starts Today

The key to stroke prevention is not deciding when it’s starting today. Make sure to take these practices into consideration, and implement them into daily routines and health practices. Stroke is not totally inevitable, and is shown to be less of a risk for individuals who practice these prevention tips.