How to Prevent Sunburns This Summer

Young children and older adults are always warned of the threats of sunburn and exposure to the sun in general. It’s less likely that adults aged 18-50 are aware of the sun’s effect on the skin.

Sure, sunburn hurts and can irritate affected individuals, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. The threats of sunburn are far more vulnerable to the body’s line of defense than many know. Sunburn prevention is the best way to hit these key categories:

  • UV protection
  • Sunburn protection
  • Skin health and wellness

The Threat of Sunburn

One in five Americans develop skin cancer during some point of their life. That’s far too many, especially considering the amount of ways sunburn and extreme sun exposure can be prevented. Sun exposure is the easiest way to develop cancer, and can be treated, yet hard to eliminate entirely. Not to mention, damage to the skin both visually and deep within skin tissue can be irreversible when sun exposure occurs frequently and without protection. The best way to fight sun exposure threats to human health is to follow these simple preventative steps.

There are a number of ways to fight sunburn, and many of them take little to no time or alteration to daily schedules to do.

Wear Sunscreen

SPF protects individuals from sun exposure and harmful UV rays. Sunscreens are a great way to protect the skin from cancer-causing sun rays, as well as sunburn. Wearing an SPF 30 minimum should be a daily step for every adult’s morning routine. Likewise, making sure it is always nearby and present with individuals during the work day or in the car can be a great way to make sure exposure is never a threat.

UV Protective Sunglasses

Some people find they are usually wearing sunglasses during the day when outdoors. Not only does that only protect part of the face, but it also fails to fully protect the eyes and nose, as well as surrounding areas. Ensure that sunglasses have UV protection in the lenses to make sure the sensitive eye region is not exposed. The thin skin around eyes and the nose is most in harm’s way when it comes to sunburn and harmful UV rays.

Protect the Head and Scalp

Sunburn on the scalp can be an easy way to increase the threat of cancer and other skin and sun related issues. Making sure to always wear a hat is a vital part of being protected from sunburn. Also, bald individuals or those with thinning heads should find an SPF hair treatment. Sunscreen for the face and body is much different than what ought to go on the scalp. Incorrect or failure to practice sunscreen application is an easy way to harm the most sensitive part of the head.

Sunburn Protection is a Must

Do not let sunburn take control of the skin’s health and well being. Protecting against sun exposure and harmful UV rays is the best way to prevent serious ailments related to the sun.