What to Know About Updating Your Child’s Sport and Camp Physicals

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it may be time to make sure that your child’s sport and camp physicals are up-to-date in time for summer camp or other sports.

Getting your an updated sports physical may feel redundant at most times. However, these medical exams are important for your child’s healthy development, recreational safety, and the safety of others on the field. But it isn’t always easy to find time to make an extra appointment with your primary care provider to get the updated physical.

Here is what you need to know about sport and camp physicals: They are necessary ( and usually legally-required) evaluations of your child’s ability to participate in certain activities, but can be completed outside of the doctor’s office!

Why does my child require a Sport or Camp Physical? When do I need to update it?

Sport and camp physicals are usually annual medical evaluations that can measure key parts of your child’s development and review if they are healthy enough to participate in sports. A majority of recreational groups and scholastic athletic leagues require an updated physical for youth activities.

When you bring your child in for a sport or camp physical make sure you are prepared with the following information:

  • A review of the child’s vaccination history – Sometimes a child may be required to have updated vaccinations before they can participate in certain sports. Make sure you bring your child’s vaccination history to expedite the process.
  • A list of developing medical ailments or conditions since your child’s last checkup – If your child has experienced any medical complications in the last few days, then make sure that these are mentioned during your child’s physical. A developing medical situation could add new risks for your child when participating in activities.
  • Other important health information – This includes a variety to necessary information such as your child’s medications, health habits, and other pertinent info related to healthcare needs.

Where should I go to get my child an updated sport or camp physical ASAP?

Sport and camp physicals can be completed by most medical providers including your primary care provider. However, it can be time-consuming and difficult to hastily schedule an appointment if your child needs a physical sooner rather than later.

A great option for most parents to get their child a renewed physical is to visit a walk-in clinic or urgent care center. This is because most urgent care centers and their respective walk-in clinics can provide physicals as soon as your bring your child in. A walk-in clinic doesn’t require a patient to set up an appointment so you can bring your child whenever it’s convenient for you!

Even at a walk-in clinic it helps to bring in any pertinent medical info, such as vaccine history, so that your provider can complete the physical as quickly as possible. The main benefits of taking your child to a walk-in clinic for their exam includes convenience, time-saving, and even lower costs! This is because a walk-in clinic or urgent care center usually provides these physicals at a lower cost than other facilities.

Does AFC Urgent Care Allen provide sport and camp physicals?

The short answer is yes! At AFC Urgent Care Allen we make sure that we provide a convenient local urgent care facility so that you can bring your child in any day of the week. We’re located at 325 Central Expressway in Allen, TX right off of Route 75 so you can easily come visit.

Don’t let your child miss out on the summer fun and games and get their a sport and camp physical ASAP! Use the button below to check-in online or the map for fast directions! 

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