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The Most Common Youth Sports Injuries

Sports injuries in youth athletics are surprisingly high across the U.S. Recent statistics indicate that nearly 3.4 million youth athletes under the age of 14 experience and that 2 million high school athletes experience a sports injury; 30,000 high schoolers require hospitalization for significant sports injuries.

In our last blog, we provided basic prevention and first-aid steps on how to effectively manage sports injuries as they happen. But it is important to know what types of injuries are most common among within youth sports and how to pursue appropriate treatment options.

Here is a list of the most common youth sports injuries, according to the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine:

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common injury among youth athletes since they are the most prevalent regardless of the sport. Most ankle sprains including a rolled ankle or turned ankle are treatable at an urgent care center without the need for an emergency room. However, an ankle sprain can be very painful and mistaken for a more severe injury. Usually, rest and limiting activity is usually the best recovery treatment for an ankle sprain.

Knee pain and injury

Overexertion of the knee or heavy contact with a knee can lead to injury for most youth athletes. Whenever an athlete experiences knee pain it is best to take them to urgent care to evaluate the severity of the pain. In most cases, physical therapy helps to treat knee pain.

Separately, Osgood-Schlatter is a specific knee injury that comes from tightening of growth plates in the knee which requires regular ice, treatment, physical therapy, and sometimes a special brace.

“Little leaguer’s elbow”

This injury is the result of overexertion of the arm an is aptly named for it’s prevalence in baseball and related sports. The best methods for preventing this injury is by proper stretching, throwing technique, and muscle rehab as necessary. In rare cases, the athlete might have to visit an orthopedic surgeon to treat more severe injuries for little leaguer’s elbow.

ACL Tears

An anterior cruciate ligament, commonly referred to as an “ACL,” can get torn during an uncontrolled motion and is extremely common at all levels of athletic competition. The ACL supports ligaments in the knee and when torn damages other important ligaments. In most cases, a torn ACL requires surgery and extensive recovery time.

Understanding the most common sports injuries can help you manage your child’s risks and coordinate treatment effectively. For any minor sports injuries don’t hesitate to visit AFC Urgent Care Allen for your child’s needs. We can help evaluate, manage, and treatment acute sports injuries!