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How Urgent Care Supports Pediatric Health Needs

Many parents may not understand how, or why, an urgent care center can support supplemental health needs for their children. The majority of parents want to make sure they can provide the best possible care for their child, so they may not be sure of when to use urgent care.

In a nutshell, urgent care can help with patients of all ages with minor injuries and acute diseases. This applies to children that experience infectious diseases, sudden injuries, and similar conditions. Additionally, urgent care also provides an need for children that require preventive care for specific needs.

Here is a list of the main ways in which urgent care helps parent’s meet their child’s pediatric health needs:

Updated vaccinations and flu shots for children

Vaccinations are extremely important to ensure that your child doesn’t get sick during flu season or any other time of the year. Recently, outbreaks of measles are happening around the world as parents are opting out of vaccinations for their children. However, many medical experts continue to dispel rumors and anti-vaxxing myths to combat the outbreak.

For diseases like measles, a vaccination is the best way for a child’s immune system to combat the disease. If your child needs an updated vaccination, then an urgent care center is usually equipped to provide the vaccine on the same day. Additionally, children that need updated flu shots, or travel vaccines for an upcoming trip, can also receive those at an urgent care center.

Youth sports injuries and other injury treatment options

One of these days, your child is likely to experience an injury during youth sports or another scenario. An urgent care center is a great way to get your child treatment ASAP.

Most urgent care centers have lower costs and shorter wait times than the emergency room for minor injury treatment. Unless an injury requires significant emergency medical attention, then an urgent care is a great alternative for treatment!

Seasonal care and allergy symptom treatment

If you child experiences seasonal allergies then it helps to take them to an urgent care center first.

Urgent care centers are staffed by board-certified doctors as well as nurse practitioners to help address any seasonal allergy symptoms. These symptoms include congestion, sneezing, and even acute respiratory infections. For minor acute allergy symptoms, it never hurts to first go into urgent care to get your child treatment.

Preventive care including sports physicals, blood tests, and x-rays

Additionally, an urgent care center is a great resource if you need a fast physical before enrolling your child in school sports. Most patients can visit an urgent care center on a walk-in basis and get their physical on the same day of the visit.

Urgent care centers also provide affordable rates and fast service for multiple preventive exams including blood tests and x-rays, depending upon your child’s current health status.

Always remember that for minor or acute healthcare needs, an urgent care center can address those needs that fit your schedule!

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